Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I have got some stuff:)

Hello peeps, It's been a long while since I have posted on blog. It's not that I am not active. I regularly check out your work. sometimes leaving comments and sometimes not!:) Recently my husband went to US and so, as you must have already guessed I have got so many craft supplies from there. lots of papers, score-pal, trimmer, punches.....etc. hands are now itching trying everything. but time doesn't permit to do so.

But, today I pulled little time out and tried to do some experiments with distress ink. I saw this video tute and tried the first this result.

All comments are welcome to make it better. I don't have a blending tool. Do we have any other alternative for that?

Thanks for stopping by,


Sanketi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment!
You have a nice place here, will stop by more often.And about an alternative to the blending tool, how about a make up sponge of just regular kitchen sponges. Start off the project and with a very light hand. Hope that helps.

Hussena said...

Congrats on your new craft supplies Avni!...Hoping to see many more wonderful projects from you...I like the way you have created your background in this card...Looks lovely! :)
As an alternative to a blending tool you can always use small pieces of sponge as Sanketi suggested but in the long run I would suggest that you go for atleast one blending tool...You will love the results with it! :)
Now a days Indian made blending tools are also available in the market...I think Priya Sivaraj stocks them...Hope this helps! :)

Juhi said...

Hey Avni, I can totally understand the feeling of having new supplies but no time to try them out :(
Gorgeous card, for blending you can also try local make-up foams, they work great