Friday, January 28, 2011

kidos and ma

Since my little one N's birth, I can see he is faster in everything! Younger ones always have advantage to learn things fast as they continuously watch the older sibling doing things. At age of 10 months he knows to click the mouse, he imitates everyone and knows which shelf have packets of biscuits in nearby store! I am really surprised and worried at the same time that will I be able to cope up with him? Kids these days are smarter than what we were at their age. I feel my 5 year old already knows half of the things i know...and in couple of years I won't have anything to teach him:(
SO, I need to buck up...I have started reading newspaper thoroughly(seriously I am concerned!!) and reading the history books once again to brush up! I hope this will act as add-on till they think...mamma u don't know anything!!!:)

I want to share a photo of my sweethearts...

And a card I made for my aunt who was alone with dehydration and was hospitalized for couple of days...I really wanted to boost her up:)

I used blow pens and the stamped to make background! It is my attemp to


Thursday, January 20, 2011


OK...almost after 2 months...That was loooong! So much happened in between this time. but, I want to share the highlight....My lovely sister got me the craft stuff from Hobby Ideas in Mumbai. I was so excited to use it. And here you go....

So, this one is for you my sis...Thank you and love you very much!:)
I used toothpick and my son's play-doh to make those cute hearties.

This card goes for 2 challenges
CP sketch 98
Glenda's 100th challenge celebration

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