Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Being in Bengaluru

Lately the need to learn Kannada (local language in Bangalore) was really getting strong. We as north Indian always feel that oh, it's very hard. and morever, ppl speak hindi unlike Tamilnadu & Kerala. But, many times in Govt office, RTO or dealing with working class people it is always good to speak in Kannada. And meanwhile I read about Mr. Nagabhushan who gives free Kannada classes. He is doing wonderful job at the age of 73. The classes were held at his house in Indiranagar thrice a week for a month. And at the end of the month he makes sure that every student is speaking Kannada if not fluent then broken:)
I was absolutely blank about Kannada, but after the class I atleast manage to understand quite well and can speak few sentences. So, it's now my turn to give back something to him. and what else it could be than a card!

I made mini book with almost 10 pages and wrote alphabets, and the sentiments says "Dhanyavad" in Kannada.