Friday, July 2, 2010

Indian touch

I bought some handmade paper last week and wanted to use it. However I started with some different thought but it ended up like this, am not very happy with it:(. Thanks to my 4 month old son. Today he decided to have nap no longer than 30 mins!!!
It's based on Card Patterns sketch 70.


Annika said...

Why aren't you happy with it? The colours are gorgeous and warm and there's a lot of beautiful detail - plus the layout is fabulous!

Spardha said...

wow!!.. its awesome! :D

Smita said...

That is the way it is with kids, Avni!! :-)) They know just when Mom is at her creative best moods ;-) My 3.5 year old stopped taking afternoon naps during his Summer Vacation (couldn't get better, huh?) LOL!!

Karuna said...

Hey Avni,

thats a pretty card and lovely colours! Just happened to hop over to your blog :)

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Karuna said...

Hey Avni,

I didnt know how else to tell you about posting the side bar so here it is.
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Phew! i hope this helps!!


Karuna said...

You re most welcome! :)

Avni, Please fill the survey (Link on my candy post) to be eligible for the blog candy!

Love Karuna